Chaos & Turmoil series

House series

Mandala series

Cars and Dreams series

Dogs, Cats, and Any Other Fauna

Other Collage and Digital Work


Artist Statement

I am interested in exploring the connections and space between the conscious and unconscious. My work uses free association to juxtapose images in a dialogue, invoking a story.

Mixed media is central to my work, reflecting the richness of life with its textures, layers, and its impurity. I use primarily photomontage, computer-treatment, and collage techniques.

Though most pieces contain some digital elements, no artwork will be identically reproduced. Sometimes an image will be revisited, reworked, or re-envisioned, but the resulting artwork is intended to be distinct from any earlier version. In other words, these works are each one-of-a-kind.

—William R. Struby

The idea of "Savage Pop" comes from the liner notes of a recording by Bob Mould's band Sugar.